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Established in 2022, BEDBANKGLOBAL despite being one of the new players in the B2B sector with its innovative breakthroughs in the Tourism Industry, made a rapid entrance and became one of the fastest-growing platforms. Bedbankglobal is a wholesaler offering accommodation and various travel products by supplying from DMCs and bed banks through different platforms and methods to Tour Operators, B2B  offline & online Wholesalers, and Retail Agencies. Our aim is to provide travel products to clients with the best prices, maximum inventory, and conditions through new-generation technology. Moreover, Clients in the travel industry requiring fast executable special offers will find the right solutions with Bed bank global and its powerful partners.

BBG For Hotels

- You will be able to open the prices of your hotel to all the markets you want to reach or improve.

- You will be able to publish your rates online and offline in all B2B and B2C channels.

- You will be able to receive guest payments before or on the day of check-in.

- Will be able to define your own virtual terminal to our flexible and innovative system. From the moment the reservation is made, you will be able to receive the payment on your account.


-Thanks to our special deals, you will be able to find hotels in the most popular destinations at the best rates.

- Thanks to the Hotel variety in our platform, you will be able to increase your profitability to the upper levels.

- You will have a unique and user-friendly booking platform.

- You will be able to access all information rapidly from a single panel.

- You can create your own sub-agents Virtual Office in our system. Where you can provide the additional commission upon each booking and have a chance of huge profits with just one click.

- With 24 / 7 multilingual customer service, you will be able to get quick feedback to your questions or requests.


- Thanks to our partners with strong sales

performance, you will be able to maximize

your profitability.

- You will be able to provide your special rates to all sub-agents that you could not reach before.

- Publishing your online and offline rates under your own control through a secure sales


- You will have the opportunity to evaluate the value of your own company on a global scale.

- You will reduce your marketing costs and you will be able to focus only on making sales.

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